Call for Participation
3th workshop on
Security and Electronic Voting
June 28, 2009
Grenoble, France
Aims and Scope
Concerns about computer security are constantly increasing with the appearance of new information technology applications. One major new application that has a strong impact on the society is e-voting. E-voting is supposed to speed-up votes talling, broaden partipation and decrease fraud threat. However, the design of correct e-voting systems turns to be very hard. Indeed, some wanted properties seem to be difficult to reconciliate such as verifiability of votes and anonymity of voters. Cryptographic constructions and systems should offer solutions. Foundational work to rigorously define e-voting properties, attack models and languages for describing the solutions is still emerging. The situation for verification methods and tools for these systems is even more preliminary. The aim of this workshop is to advance state of the art by gathering together researchers to discuss and exchange ideas and results and identify key problems and challenges. This year's workshop is organized as a satellite event of CAV.

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Another CAV'09 Workshop on security is organized before at Grenoble 26-27 june 2009